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Dr. Brandon Fisher

Dr. Brandon Fisher
, a Florence, Alabama native and Bradshaw High School graduate began his veterinary career right here working for Dr. Randall Smith at Smith Animal Hospital! Dr. Smith hired Dr. Fisher when he was only 17 years old as a kennel worker. He showed interest and dedication early on and eventually became a technician who assisted the clinic doctors with exams, treatments and surgeries.

From there, Dr. Fisher attended Mississippi State University where he received his Bachelor degree and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. After receiving his DVM, Dr. Fisher became a veterinarian at Smith Animal Hospital until 2014 when he purchased the clinic from Dr. Smith. Dr Fisher is an active member of American Veterinary Medical Association, Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, and is currently serving as the president of the Colbert/Lauderdale Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Fisher enjoys working with patients of all kinds and has learned much of his knowledge of treating birds, pocket pets and reptiles from years of working with Dr. Randall Smith. He has gained additional training after veterinary college in the fields of exotic veterinary medicine as well as orthopedic surgery. Dr. Fisher has also followed in the steps of Dr. Randall Smith by being one of two local veterinarians who has the privilege of caring for the University of North Alabama's mascots, the lions Leo III and Una. He and his wife, Dr. Jennifer Bell, have threechildren, two dogs and three cats. When Dr. Fisher is not at work, he spends time with his family, golfing, boating and enjoying sports.


Dr. Randall Smith

Dr. Randall Smith
was born and raised in Florence, Alabama. He is a graduate of Coffee High School. He received his bachelor degree and doctorate of veterinary medicine in 1974 from Auburn University. Dr. Smith has been practicing small animal veterinary medicine and surgery for 40 years. Before the Shoals, he worked in south Alabama and in North Carolina.

Dr. Smith became a veterinarian of Holladay Animal Hospital working for Dr. J.R. Holladay in 1984. Years later, Dr. Smith purchased the hospital and renamed it Smith Animal Hospital. Dr. Smith is an active member of American Veterinary Medical Association, Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, and the Colbert/Lauderdale Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Smith enjoys working two days a week where he continues to offer experienced clinical care to patients and advises owners on how to best care for their pets. Dr. Smith has years of experience treating exotics, including birds, reptiles and small mammals including rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs. For over two decades he helped provide veterinary care for the University of North Alabama's lion mascots. Dr. Smith treated Leo I, and then Leo II throughout his life and also was one of the current lions' first veterinarians. In fact, when he was a cub Leo II received his vaccines and was declawed by Dr. Smith right here in our hospital until he grew too big to be walked on a leash! Dr. Smith and his wife, Cindy have two daughters, Stephanie and Kimberly. Kimberly also received her doctorate of veterinary medicine from Auburn University in 2011. Now that Dr. Smith works part time, he thoroughly enjoys backpacking, fly fishing, scuba diving and taking road trips on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Dr. Emerald Barrett

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Dr. Jennifer Bell

Dr. Jennifer Bell
grew up in the small town of Proctor, Arkansas. She attended high school in Memphis, Tennessee and after that headed to Mississippi State University where she studied Biochemistry. She was accepted into Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine where she met her husband, Dr. Brandon Fisher and earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2009.
After graduation, she began working at Smith Animal Hospital where she continued to learn while working with Dr. Smith.

Dr. Bell is a current member of American Veterinary Medical Association, Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, and the Colbert/Lauderdale Veterinary Medical Association. As a veterinarian, Dr. Bell enjoys working with dogs, cats and their owners through education on preventative care and how to keep their pets happy and healthy. Her professional interests include wound management and echocardiography. Dr. Bell and her husband share their home with two senior dogs, two cats and a three children. In her spare time, Dr. Bell enjoys horseback riding, golfing and enjoying outdoor activities with her family.


Anita Reaves - Business Manager Anita Reaves has been employed at our animal hospital since 1996. She began working for Dr. J.R. Holladay in the kennel, became the business manager for Dr. Randall Smith and continues to serve as the current business manager for Dr. Brandon Fisher. Anita has 3 cats, Chester, Heidi and Marni and two dogs,Jackson and Shatzie.


Kimberly Predmore - Receptionist

Kimberly Predmore is from Florence, Alabama and has been a receptionist at this clinic since 1983 when it was owned by Dr. Jim Holladay. One of Kimberly's favorite parts of her job is enjoying long lasting relationships with clients and their pets as they return year after year. She has been here for the first puppy visits and watched as patients grew up and turned into seniors, with their owners lovingly bringing them back for their annual visits. When she isn't answering phones and checking clients out at the front desk, she is working on keeping up her status as an active competitor in the NPC Bodybuilding. Kimberly can often be found in the gym or with her broccoli and asparagus as she prepares daily for competitions. We are proud of her accomplishments as the 2014, 2015, 2016 Alabama State Master's Bikini Champion and for her becoming a Nationally Qualified competitor!


Sarah Knight - Receptionist

Sarah Knight is originally from Ohio and moved to Alabama from the Dominican Republic where she did volunteer work. Before moving to the Dominican Republic, Sarah worked at an animafor 7 years as a receptionist. Sarah really enjoys helping people and animals alike. She has two cats named Luna and Lilly. In her free time, she enjoys community service, swimming, walking and spending time with her family and brand new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy Lacie.

April Kawalec - Veterinary Techician

April Kawalec came to us as a technician in October of 2015 and we could not be more pleased! She has many years of experience in both veterinary clinics and rescue associations. Born in Germany, then later moving to Louisiana and Florida, she finally landed in the Shoals area in 2010. She has worked for the Orlando Humane Society and has over eight years of experience in small animal clinics in both Idaho and Alabama. She enjoys hands on work here at Fisher Animal Hospital especially assisting and monitoring surgery and performing dental cleanings. If you are bringing in an exotic species pet, you are likely to find April assisting with your pet!


Amber Willis - Veterinary Techician

Amber Willis began working as a technician in our clinic in 2009. Although she moved to Texas and worked in a large veterinary practice there for about two years, we are excited to welcome her back to Fisher Animal Hospital spring of 2016. She is currently studying and training to earn her Veterinary Technician Certification. As a veterinary technician, Amber finds great satisfaction in learning more about medicine, in particular how our veterinarians determine diagnoses and form treatment plans for sick patients. When she is not working or studying, Amber enjoys horses, her dogs and cats and reading mysteries. If your pet happens to be a pug, Amber will likely volunteer to help with your pet's veterinary visit!

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Sibyl Stanley- Licensed Veterinary Technician

Sibyl Stanley is our Licensed Veterinary Technician here at Fisher Animal Hospital. Sibyl earned her veterinary technician degree in 2011 from Jefferson State. Sibyl has years of experience with dogs and cats as she has worked as a dog groomer for three years and three years at another veterinary hospital prior to Fisher Animal Hospital. Sibyl enjoys all aspects of her job as a veterinary technician but particularly enjoys helping owners to better care for their pets and the nursing care that hospitalized patients require. Sibyl's favorite pet to care for is the daschund! When not assisting the veterinarians at the hospital, she enjoys spending time outdoors kayaking, fishing and hiking.

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Maggie Palmer - Veterinary Technician

Maggie Palmer started shadowing at Fisher-Smith Animal Hospital in 2015 during her senior year at Brooks High School. She joined our staff as a technician in March 2017. She works part time while attending Mississippi State University. She is majoring in Biochemistry with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine as she aspires to attend veterinary school in the future. Maggie enjoys every part of veterinary medicine especially interaction with clients and their pets. When she is not studying or at the clinic, Maggie can be found playing tennis, hanging out with her friends, or riding her horse.

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Becca Ballman - Veterinary Technician

Becca Ballman was born and raised in Northwest Indiana where she received an associates degree in animal science. Becca moved to Florence in October 2016 when her husband got a job in the area. Becca worked as a dog groomer at PetCo prior to joining our staff. When not at work, Becca enjoys playing with her 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 ball python and bearded dragon. In her free time she enjoys working on her crochet projects or exploring nature with her husband.


Courtney Coker - Kennel Technician

Courtney Coker began working as a kennel technician in February of 2016. Courtney is originally from Florida but has lived in the Shoals area for over six years. Courtney also goes by the nicknames "Louisiana" after her favorite college football team and "NaeNae" after her favorite dance! As a kennel technician she enjoys keeping boarding patients comfortable, clean and happy by spending time brushing, petting and playing with both the dogs and cats while they are here. She enjoys visiting with owners and finding out ways to keep their pets as comfortable as possible during their stay. During her time off, she spends time with her labrador retriever, Midnight, and her maltese, Pebbles. She is currently attending classes to earn her associate's degree in criminal justice at Northwest Shoals Community College.


Daivd Cheney - Kennel Technician

Daivd Cheney  David is from Washington State and moved to Alabama recently to live closer to family.  He started working at Fisher Animal Hospital in October 2017.  David enjoys working with the dogs and cats in the kennel and does everything he can to make boarding guests comfortable during their stays.  He cares for boarding pets as well as the clinic's day patients.


Celia Burgess - Kennel Technician

Celia Burgess  Celia is a Florence, AL native who has worked with us at Fisher Animal Hospital since November of 2017.  She enjoys attending to the needs of our boarding pets as well as hospital patients.  Celia occasionally fills in the receptionist position as well!  She spends he time outside of work with her two dogs, Bama and Phinneas.  Celia was excited to begin working at FAH because of her love of animals and interest in completing her education in biology and zoology.  


Hope Johnson - Kennel Technician

Hope Johnson is originally from Cherokee Alabama but has lived in Florence for 6 years. Hope graduated from UNA with a bachelor's degree in biology. Hope has one dog named Indiana Jones, a cat named Ziggy and a bearded dragon named Kiera. Hope also has over 20 aquariums in her house. Hope loves all kinds of animals and enjoys getting to interact with them at Fisher-Smith animal hospital.

  • Dr.
    Brandon Fisher
    Dr. Brandon Fisher, a Florence, Alabama native and Bradshaw High School graduate began his veterinary career right here working for Dr. Randall Smith at Smith Animal Hospital! Dr. Smith hired Dr. Fisher when he was only 17 years old as a kennel worker. He showed interest and dedication early on and eventually became a technician who assisted the clinic doctors with exams, treatments and surgeries.

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