Reproductive Services


At Fisher Animal Hospital, our experienced staff is happy to work with you for all breeding purposes. Breeding soudness exams for both the male and female is an important step in determining if the pets are good candidates for reproducing. If you are considering artificial insemination timing is critical for when to have your dog bred. We offer blood hormone testing to help identify when the female is in her fertile period and when the best time to perform the artificial insemination to achieve successful results.


After the breeding, there are several methods to confirm a pregnancy. The earliest that pregnancy confirmation is possible is approximately 30 days after breeding. This can be done with either a blood test or by ultrasound exam. At approximately 45 days after breeding, an X-ray can confirm pregnancy and also count puppies. Many breeds are predisposed to dystocia (the ability to not deliver puppies naturally), and often require a C-section. Our doctors are happy to discuss any questions you may have and schedule a C-section for your dog if needed.

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